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Magnolia New Orleans welcomes you home with pure hospitality at the heart of the Central Business District. Just steps away from the French Quarter’s world-renowned nightlife and distinguished architecture, find yourself strolling Bourbon Street as the sounds of famed jazz clubs, scents of Cajun cuisine and local cocktails tempt the senses. Discover local crafts along the quieter streets of the French Market before enjoying Jackson Square’s street performers and the breathtaking beauty of St. Louis Cathedral – the oldest cathedral in the United States.

Built in 1863, Magnolia New Orleans was completely re-imagined in 2019. Find a vivid reflection of the charm and mystery of New Orleans with premium amenities and the flawless service of a professional, courteous staff that knows how to take care of everything.

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Located in the heart of everywhere you want to be in New Orleans, learn about favorite local destinations, travel tips and more below.

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