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Our Favorite Fall To Dos

Though St. Louis may seem an unlikely fall weekend destination location, this charming Midwestern city is arguably America’s hidden gem – especially come autumn! Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple, or with the entire family, St. Louis has a variety of notable activities to entertain & delight all ages. Read up on our favorite […]

Magnolia St.Louis | baseball on field

St. Louis, Missouri sits in the heart of the Midwest, a city with 79 diverse neighborhoods teeming with die-hard baseball fans. It’s the city of the Gateway Arch, the blues, barbecue, and Cardinals baseball. Recently, the city of St. Louis was named the number one baseball town in North America. Whether you call St. Louis […]

Magnolia St.Louis | trumpet and piano player z

The home of the famed Gateway Arch, St. Louis has a rich cultural history centered around music and visual art. Many of America’s jazz greats have played here, including Missouri natives Miles Davis and Charlie Parker.

Magnolia St.Louis | guy holding beer

This history of the beer industry in St. Louis goes back generations, with many twists and turns. In the mid-1800s, the city turned into a German enclave almost overnight; this culture brought with it a thirst for lager, a style of beer new to the St. Louis scene. With the large migration of Germans, St. […]