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Why St. Louis is the #1 Baseball Town

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St. Louis, Missouri sits in the heart of the Midwest, a city with 79 diverse neighborhoods teeming with die-hard baseball fans. It’s the city of the Gateway Arch, the blues, barbecue, and Cardinals baseball. Recently, the city of St. Louis was named the number one baseball town in North America. Whether you call St. Louis home or enjoy visiting, you can’t go wrong catching a Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. It’s located conveniently close to the interstate, a huge selection of restaurants, and great places to stay. For visitors looking for a luxury hotel near the stadium, the Magnolia Hotel St. Louis is a brisk 10 minute walk.

What Makes St. Louis #1 Baseball Town?

According to Fox Sports writer Dieter Kurtenbach, β€œSt. Louis and the Cardinals are synonymous. What other team and city can say that? Sometimes it is just as simple as that.”

Since the late 1800’s St. Louis has been a baseball town. In 1892, the team was the St. Louis Browns. Seven years later a uniform change inspired another name change. Via the MLB St. Louis Cardinals timeline, when a fan saw the distinctive red color in the new uniforms she remarked how it was a “lovely shade of cardinal.” Later, a sportswriter named Willie McHale from the St. Louis Republic used the nickname in his column and the name stuck.

St. Louis fans have always supported their hometown baseball team. Even in 1892, season attendance totals hit 135,000, which was well above the national average of about 50,000. In 1967, seasonal attendance broke the two million mark for the first time and since 2014, the season attendance numbers have averaged more than 3.5 million β€” and according to Baseball Almanac, the average for the National League is about 2.6 million.

So why do fans flock to see the Cardinals? For many, it’s simply the love of the game and the enjoyment supporting their local team. However, other factors play a part. St. Louis offers a huge array of attractions and things to do, especially during baseball season. Fans of all ages can plan a trip to the city to see a ballgame plus visit sites like the Gateway Arch, the City Museum, and the zoo.

Location. Location. Location.

The convenient location of Busch Stadium on Clark Avenue makes attending baseball games easier in St. Louis, compared to other cities across the nation. It’s easily accessed from both Interstates 44 and 64 or directly from downtown. There’s also public transportation and connections to take fans from the stadium to restaurants and hotels located just blocks away. Fewer travel hassles typically equals happier fans.

For baseball fans looking to enjoy the game with a beer, the luxury Magnolia St. Louis Hotel is only a brisk 10 minute walk from Busch stadium. Book your stay today at Magnolia St. Louis, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel (marriott.com)