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Planning the Perfect Friends Getaway

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Milestone birthdays and impending nuptials are all great reasons to get away and celebrate with your friends, but you don’t need a specific reason to plan a vacation with your favorite people. Friends getaways are trending, and for all the right reasons. If you are looking to plan a friends getaway with your squad, these tips will help you pull off a successful trip:

Choose the Right Destination

Before you start searching for flights and booking a block of rooms at a hotel room, you will want to sit down with your friends and pick a destination that appeals to everyone. You should consider everyone’s personal circumstances, interests and budgets before deciding on a city. Some of the best cities to visit with friends include St. Louis, New Orleans and Denver, because these locations are filled with plenty of attractions, amazing restaurants and adventurous activities.

Book a Hotel Where Everyone Can Stay

The hotel plays a pivotal role in the overall success of your friends getaway. You need to find a place that is affordable for everyone, that offers both sophistication and style, and that includes amenities that allow you to gather in a comfortable space. Magnolia Hotels properties are often centrally located in the heart of the city that you have chosen, and the staff will provide you and your friends with the personalized service you deserve.

Create Options for the Itinerary

Just because you are traveling with your friends doesn’t mean that you all have to do everything together for the entire trip. Whether people need some alone time, or they simply don’t share all the same interests, it’s always good to create a flexible itinerary that allows each individual to choose how to spend their day. 

Communicate Frequently 

From the moment you and your friends decide to plan a getaway together, you need to be in communication. Set up a group text to discuss the destinations you are considering, and keep everyone posted on great deals. Once the logistics are finalized, you will want to remind people about booking deadlines, payments and packing tips. The more you communicate prior to the trip, the more successful your friends getaway will be.

Your friends getaway is an opportunity to see a new city and make lifelong memories with the people who you love the most. Magnolia Hotels can help you pull off the perfect friends getaway. Contact us today to get started.