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How to Plan a Memorable Family Reunion

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In many ways, families today are more connected than ever before. It’s never been easier to video chat with grandparents who live halfway across the country or to share photographs with your cousins via social media of all of your adventures abroad. However, at the same time, families often feel like they are lacking that human connection. The best way to remedy this is to plan a memorable family reunion that will bring everyone together for a brief period of time.

Here’s how to plan a memorable family reunion:

Select a Location and Set the Date in Advance

The hardest part of planning a family reunion is finding a time that works for everyone. Due to their size, these events require advanced planning. Begin scouting locations that will offer something for everyone. Cities like Dallas, Denver, and St. Louis are popular options for family reunions. It’s best to choose the location and set the date at least a year in advance.

Book a Room Block at a Hotel that Offers Something for Everyone

Once you have decided on where and when the family reunion will take place, it’s time to choose a hotel where everyone can stay. The Magnolia Hotel brand specializes in group experiences. Our hotels have a comfortable atmosphere with sophisticated touches. In addition to having luxurious rooms that will accommodate all types of travelers, we also boast plenty of meeting space and common areas that will enhance your event.

Include Interactive Excursions on the Itinerary

As you plan the activities for your family reunion, you will want to consider the ages and stages of everyone who will be attending. Find family-friendly attractions for those with young children, and plan meet-and-greet events for those who are looking to reconnect with lost loved ones. By focusing on an immersive and interactive experience, everyone will leave feeling like they bonded with their family in a memorable way.

At Magnolia Hotels, we offer sophisticated accommodations in a variety of U.S. cities where family reunions are held. We take pride in the fact that we provide all of our clients with customized service, and we would love to work with you to make your family reunion the most memorable one yet. Contact us today to begin planning your special event at Magnolia Hotels.