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Holiday Travel Survival Guide

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Here are a few tips from our travel experts on how to travel smart and relatively stress-free over the holidays.


Planning Tips


Begin planning as early as possible


If it all possible, start planning your trip well in advance. The earlier you book, the cheaper the tickets are. Plus, if you wait until the last minute, you might not get a flight out at all.  


Shop around


Often times, you can get a better deal than the first one you find. Take the time to shop around to find the best price. You might be surprised at what you can find on some of those travel booking sites.


Download your airline’s smartphone app


It’s always a good idea to stay connected with your preferred airline for updates and pertinent information. Download their app and take a look around at some of its convenience features.


Packing Tips


Carry on if possible


Did you know that over 26 million bags were mishandled (meaning lost or temporarily misplaced) in 2016? That equals a lot of frustrated travelers. To avoid being one of those statistics this year, pack some—if not all—of your items in a carry-on bag.


Wear your heavy clothes


Save room in your luggage by wearing your heavy coat and boots on the plane. Sure, you may look a little overdressed, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re not lugging around numerous bags.


Pack healthy snacks


Traveling by airplane leaves no room for quick bathroom breaks due to an upset stomach. We highly suggest packing light, healthy snacks that aren’t overly smelly to keep you feeling full and your stomach feeling settled.


Day-of Tips


Check the status of your flight


It’s wise to continually check the status of your flight as many departure times get delayed, no matter which airline you book. You can check this online, by smartphone, or by calling the airline directly.


Check in early


If your airline offers early check-in, do it—and as early as possible!


Wear comfortable clothing


Traveling in comfortable clothing is a must when spending long days in a seated position. Wear pants with a little more stretch to them and comfortable shoes that can easily be taken off while going through security.


Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport


Leave a few hours before you think you should leave, just to be safe. Depending on where you live, traffic to the airport will likely be extra congested this time of year. We also suggest getting a ride to the airport rather than driving yourself.


Take a deep breath


Traveling around the holidays can be especially stressful. Remember to take a deep breath and let it out slowly to help calm your nerves. If it helps, set a photo of your loved ones as your phone’s wallpaper. Glance at the photo as many times as needed to remind yourself you’ll be embracing them in just a few hours.


At Magnolia hotels, we understand how hectic this time of year can be. That’s why we strive to give our guests the best experience once they walk through our doors. If you’re planning on traveling to Denver, Omaha, St. Louis, New Orleans or Dallas come check us out! Visit our website to learn more.