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How to Pack Light for a Week-Long Vacation

Magnolia Hotels | suitcase and clothes

If you love the idea of traveling to some place new, but hate the thought of dragging around tons of luggage, we get it. Traveling with heavy bags is a nuisance. However, we have good news for all you heavy packers: you can always pack lighter.

Here are some tips from the staff at Magnolia Hotels on how to pack light for a week-long vacation.

  • Pack a few days ahead of time

Most people tend to pack right before they leave for their trip—sometimes only giving themselves a few minutes to prepare. This leads to unnecessary items going into the bag. When you’re trying to pack light, you’ll want to avoid packing items that aren’t necessary. Think to yourself “is this a need-to-bring item?” If so, see if there is a smaller travel-sized version of it first. More often than not, there will be a convenience store around the block (or inside) your hotel if you need to restock.

  • Don’t bring seven different outfits

When packing for a week-long vacation, keep in mind that you don’t need to wear a different outfit each day. Your suitcase will fill up pretty quickly with seven different tops and bottoms, so we suggest only packing a few items that are interchangeable. No matter your destination, pack at least three neutral colored tops and three bottoms that can be mixed and matched. For cooler climates, wear your bulkier jacket on the plane or buy one at a thrift store when you arrive (you can then donate it back at the end of your trip).

  • Choose a smaller bag

Oh look! There’s more room in your bag! Perfect for that extra t-shirt you were wanting to bring—but be careful, having a large bag can often lead to over-packing. Bringing a smaller bag will limit you to the necessities, which is an important detail when packing lightly, as mentioned above. If you can fit everything in a carry-on bag, you’ll be setting yourself up for a more pleasurable airport travel experience as well. Win-win!

  • Opt for only a few pairs of shoes

Last but not least, shoes. Shoes are bulky, so it’s important to bring only one or two pairs with you on your trip. Headed somewhere cold like Denver this winter? Wear your heaviest pair of boots while traveling, and pack your lighter shoes (like these ones) in your bag.

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