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Boutique Hotel vs. Flag Hotel: What’s the Difference?

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Planning a visit to a large city can be a difficult task. Deciding where to stay is one of the major decisions travelers must make before booking their trip. Does a hotel in the heart of the city make sense? Or do your travels take you outside of the busy city center? No matter where you go, there’s most likely a big chain hotel (“flagged”) or an independent boutique property nearby. Not sure what differentiates the two? We go into detail below.

A Boutique Hotel Offers More Intimacy and Character

According to the travel website tripsavvy.com, the #1 defining aspect of a boutique hotel is that it’s petite! Their smaller size – typically 300 rooms or less – allows for a more intimate and unique environment. Unlike traditional hotel chains, boutiques are built with aesthetics and luxury in mind and can be quite unique in their design.

Magnolia’s properties in Colorado, Texas, Nebraska and Missouri also embrace their unique surroundings. Look for a Texas-sized tribute to the Mobil Oil horse in our Dallas Downtown location, and Old Hollywood glamour in the St. Louis guest rooms.

Flag Hotels Are Part of a Large Corporation

Flag hotels are generally owned by giant corporations (think Hyatt and Hilton), whereas boutique hotels are typically independently owned (or are a smaller branch of a larger chain). Because of this, there are many more flag hotel locations than there are boutique hotel locations. In fact, boutique hotels tend to be located dead-center of major cities – so it may be harder to find one if you’re traveling through less populated areas.  

One Provides a More Personalized Customer Experience

Most hotels strive to provide exceptional customer service. From friendly receptionists at check-in to quick room service deliveries, luxury flag hotels focus on meeting your expectations. With a stay at a boutique hotel, though, you can expect a more individualized guest experience with added personal touches. Employees are typically warm and welcoming, greeting visitors by name and offering suggestions about popular events or places to visit in the area. Whether you’re vacationing in Dallas or visiting Omaha for a business retreat, the Magnolia staff is here to help make your visit spectacular.

Lodging is one of the most important aspects of a vacation. Whether you decide to stay at a flag or a boutique hotel, your room or suite is your home-away-from-home. By choosing one of Magnolia’s boutique hotels, you can be rest assured that your visit will be a pleasant oneContact us for questions about the boutique hotel experience or to book a stay today!