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Make Your Hotel Room Extra Romantic for Valentine’s Day

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The promise of being whisked away for a night on the town and a stay at a luxurious hotel is often romantic enough in and of itself, but you may be looking for a way to add an extra dose of romance to your hotel room this Valentine’s Day. At Magnolia Hotels, we believe in providing our guests with a personalized, indulgent experience, which is why we recommend these tips for improving the romantic atmosphere within your hotel room:

Request a Room with a Panoramic View

When you sweep that special someone into a room with a spectacular view of the skyline, you feel like you get to experience the city without ever leaving your room. It sets the stage for a wonderful night inside a magnificent room, where romance is the top priority and love is on the menu. To enjoy this experience, all you have to do is ask.

Call the Concierge to Schedule Flowers, Strawberries or Champagne

Prior to your arrival, contact the concierge in order to schedule a surprise for that special someone in your life. Flower petals can be sprinkled on the bed, or a fresh bouquet can be waiting in the room. You could have a tray of strawberries waiting beside a chilled bottle of champagne, which is sure to start the evening off on the right note.

Bring Bubble Bath for the Oversized Soaking Tub

One of the hallmarks of romance is being able to relax and unwind with the person that you love. When you book a room that includes an oversized soaking tub, you can take this quiet moment to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit together. Be sure to pack your partner’s favorite bubble bath, or call down to the front desk to request that a bottle of bubbles be delivered to your room.

Add the Best Love Songs to Your Preferred Mobile Device

Music has the power to set the mood, so bring along your smart phone, tablet or music player in order to add the sounds of romance to your hotel room. Quiet love songs or serenades are an easy way to enhance the experience.

For the most romantic night of your life, book your stay at Magnolia Hotels today. Contact us now for more information.