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Best Ways of Traveling with Your Pet

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If you’re like most of us, your pet is part of the family. And you probably feel the creeping feeling of guilt every time you go away on vacation. Does my dog miss me? Are my cats being taken care of? No matter whether you’re boarding in a kennel or having your parents stay with your pup, it can be tough to leave Fluffy at home. Try traveling with your pet.

Luckily, some boutique hotels have a policy to allow pets to stay overnight in your room. If you’re headed for Denver, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis or Omaha, Magnolia offers luxury lodgings that extend a warm welcome to your four-footed pals. Here are a few fun facts and considerations to keep in mind when taking your dog or cat on the road.

Traveling with Your Pet

At Magnolia, we understand that your pet is a valued member of the family, and we want to make their stay as comfortable as yours. Many of our locations are within easy walking distance of pet-friendly parks or neighborhoods. If you have any questions about staying at Magnolia with your furry friends, call 888-915-1110 or contact us online today.