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What is New Orleans Known For | Magnolia New Orleans Blog

New Orleans is a city known for its culture and flavor. People from around the world flock to the Big Easy in order to experience the laid back atmosphere and the beauty of the community.

Jackson Square in New Orleans | Magnolia New Orleans Blog

In many ways, Jackson Square is the heart of New Orleans. This city square is the epicenter of the French Quarter, which is the famed neighborhood that is notorious for its Mardi Gras celebrations, its beads and its lively atmosphere.

New Orleans Swamp Tours | Magnolia New Orleans Blog

In the heart of New Orleans, the city bursts with life. There are people on every corner, and it seems that music is always playing as the scent of delicious Cajun food permeates the air.

Castle with carriages

Commonly referred to as The Big Easy, New Orleans is a city that saunters along at a leisurely pace. Despite the laid back atmosphere and genteel hospitality of this community, travelers will still find that there’s plenty to see and do.