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What is New Orleans Famous For?

What is New Orleans Known For | Magnolia New Orleans Blog

New Orleans is a city known for its culture and flavor. People from around the world flock to the Big Easy in order to experience the laid back atmosphere and the beauty of the community.

Those who are visiting are almost certainly going to want to experience the city’s most iconic attractions and enjoy its most famous features. At Magnolia New Orleans, we have created a guide to introduce our guests to the city.

What is New Orleans famous for? Well, let us tell you a little bit more about this city:

The History of New Orleans

One of the most unique aspects of New Orleans is the fact that this city has never let its past be forgotten. In fact, it is often described as a city with a living past. This is because the people who live in New Orleans today continue to keep alive cultural traditions and historical narratives.

The story of New Orleans began in the late 17th century, when French explorers claimed the land as their own. It wasn’t until 1718 that the city was founded as a small central square, which would one day become the French Quarter. Approximately 50 years after the city was founded, Spain captured the city, and proceeded to rule over it until the early 19th century.

At that time, Napoleon Bonaparte took control, but it was only for a few years before New Orleans was sold to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

As the 19th century wore on, more Americans came to live in the city, but there was always a rift between the new residents and those who had occupied the city for more than 100 years. These rifts led to the development of distinct neighborhoods in the community, many of which still exist today.

New Orleans has a history that is filled with wonder and pain. Visitors are likely to be in awe of the incredible plantations, breathtaking mansions and beautiful architectural feats that can be discovered around every corner in the city. However, it’s important to remember that these magnificent creations were the direct result of the slave trade and the booming sugar business in the 18th and 19th centuries.

By paying homage to the past and looking forward to the future, the city strives to keep itself as a living monument to every facet of its history. There’s so much for visitors to discover.

Food and Flavor in the Big Easy

Perhaps one of the most remarkable facets of New Orleans is the food. Every dish in New Orleans is a work of art that combines flavor with culture. These are some of the most famous types of food in the city:

  • Gumbo — Nearly every restaurant in New Orleans has a famous gumbo recipe that they love sharing with their customers. Gumbo is a stew that can be filled with a variety of fixings, including sausage, okra, shrimp and various vegetables.
  • Po’boy — Anyone who is traveling through New Orleans simply has to have a po’boy sandwich. There are many styles to choose from, such as shrimp or pork-belly.
  • Beignets —  Beignets are the most famous pastry in the city. These fried doughnuts that are topped with powdered sugar are the perfect treat to go with any cup of coffee.
  • Muffuletta — This is another favorite sandwich that was created in the city. It is an Italian sandwich piled high with meat, olives and cheese.

The Sound of Music in New Orleans

Music flows down every city street in New Orleans, and travelers find that it’s easy to move to the music. Perhaps the most famous music genre in the city is jazz. Jazz was born in New Orleans, and continues to play a prominent role in daily life in the city. Anyone who attends a parade or festival in the city will be surrounded by jazz music at almost all times. Some of the most famous jazz musicians were born and raised in New Orleans, including Louis Armstrong and Harry Connick Jr.

Everything You Need to Know About Mardi Gras

The people of New Orleans love to celebrate, and there is a festival for almost every holiday or event in the city. However, there is no festival in the city — or perhaps even in the entire world — quite like Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras, which is sometimes called Carnival, is a season that begins after the Epiphany, and culminates on the day before Ash Wednesday — known to many as Fat Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday. The Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans consists of parades, parties and revelry. It’s an event that has become known worldwide as one of the best parties of the year, and it brings thousands upon thousands of visitors to the city.

Anyone who is interested in experiencing an authentic Mardi Gras season in New Orleans should book their accommodations well in advance. Hotel rooms tend to book up more than a year out, as people try to get the best spot in the city for the celebration.

Discovering the French Quarter

The French Quarter is a small yet famous neighborhood in New Orleans. The city square that exists today was the foundation for the city when it was founded in the early 18th century. It is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in New Orleans, and is home to 4,000 permanent residents. These residents welcome almost 15 million people from around the world, and introduce them to their iconic and historic community. Many of the city’s most well-known historic attractions are located in the French Quarter, so visitors often try to secure a hotel room that is located within walking distance of this neighborhood. This allows them to fully experience the French Quarter, and immerse themselves in the history of the city.

Understanding New Orleans Voodoo

One of the things that New Orleans is most famous for is voodoo. Voodoo is a religion that came to the community with the enslaved Africans, who blended their own rituals with the Catholic faith that had been established in the city by European settlers. Those who practice voodoo believe that spirits interact with their daily lives, and it’s possible to connect to those spirits through dance, chanting and music. Voodoo has played an important role in the city’s history, and it continues to be a part of daily life in the community today.

Anyone who is planning a visit to New Orleans needs to understand what this city is famous for prior to their arrival. By learning more about the city, travelers can better understand the culture in New Orleans. They will be able to fully immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the city. This allows them to truly experience the city, rather than just see some of its most famous sights.

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