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Stay Cool This Summer

Magnolia Houston | rooftop pool

Yes. Houston can be hot during the summer months – no one will argue with that! The humid weather makes finding enjoyable family activities beyond the inside of a comfortably air-conditioned building pretty tough. Luckily, the Houston area has some of the coolest (pun 100% intended) “splash pads” around. If you’re staying with us at Magnolia, you’ll have no trouble getting out of the hotel for a bit & beating the heat with the help of our list below.

Play at “Discovery Green” 

Gateway Fountain, just half a mile away from the hotel, is one of the most popular features in “Discovery Green” (maybe even the most popular spot in all of downtown during the summer!) When the temps rise, hundreds of kids & parents congregate at this cool spot on the daily. 14-ft high jets create a playful urban water park that keeps children entertained for hours.

Paradise Playground

The water playground at Hermann Park should really be called “Hermann Park Paradise.” Get ready for an entire experience if you decide to venture there (it’s only 15 minutes from the hotel – go!) Two large beaches create a sand play zone adjacent to the water playground. Palm trees, poles, and a spiral create a variety of fun water effects guaranteed to keep kiddos occupied. Parking is free at Hermann Park – as if parents needed another reason to bring their families here…

Houston’s Urban Mecca 

Levy Park, about 20 minutes from Magnolia, re-opened to the public in February 2017 after undergoing a dramatic $15 million makeover. Once nothing more than a neglected baseball field, Levy Park is now a vibrant urban mecca with amenities for kids & adults alike. You guessed it – one of those amenities is a popular splash pad in the center of the park’s enclosed play area! Water seemingly rains down from the splash pad’s towering orange structures and is sure to keep the littles ooh-ing & ahh-ing all afternoon.

Or Stay In…

Now, if you’d rather not leave the hotel to beat Houston’s heat, you can always take the elevator to the 23rd floor and enjoy our rooftop pool! Open from 7am until 11pm every night, the skyline views are phenomenal & the convenience factor is appealing. It’s a win-win for the whole family. Book with us now!