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What are the Benefits of a Boutique Hotel?


The concept of the boutique hotel emerged in the early 1980’s as a response to travelers who wanted something more than cookie-cutter rooms with the same décor, furnishing and amenities. A boutique hotel like Magnolia Houston offers guests a unique experience and a chance to stay in bespoke accommodations while enjoying high-quality, personalized service and a premium location.

Unique Theme or History

Boutique hotels across the globe feature a unique theme or have a rich history that is special to their city. The Magnolia Houston’s 22-story building originally was built in 1926, the home of the former Post-Dispatch newspaper. This historic building underwent a full renovation, and in 2003, the distinctive boutique hotel opened.

In 2009, a second renovation helped create the renowned Ross Sterling Presidential Suite on the Penthouse floor. This impressive space includes a grand dining room with bespoke accessories and décor, high-tech amenities and a spacious lounge.

Bespoke Design

Step into a boutique hotel and you will discover a unique look that never resembles any other hotel in any other city. Boutique hotels feature bespoke designs, artwork and stylish décor. Historic boutique hotels like Magnolia Houston maintain the integrity of the buildings rich history, while combining it with the finest modern amenities to ensure guests always have everything they need.

State-of-the-Art Tech Features

Although boutique hotels provide an escape from the chaos of daily life, they still understand that guests like, and often need, to remain connected. We provide state-of-the-art technology at our hotel, everything from Wi-Fi services throughout the property to flat screen televisions and an on-site Business Center. Our boutique hotel ensures guests are one click away to help them stay connected for business or pleasure.

Exceptional Standard of Service

Boutique hotels strive to provide exceptional service. At Magnolia Houston, guests receive personalized service with attention to the details that matter to them most. Our attentive and knowledgeable staff and concierge work together to create a relaxing and memorable stay.

Premium Location

A premium location close to dining, shopping, entertainment and attractions are an additional benefit of staying at a boutique hotel. The Magnolia Houston located downtown offers guests easy proximity to the Theatre District, the downtown Aquarium, gorgeous city parks and professional sports venues like Minute Maid Park. It is also easily accessible from Interstates 46 and 69, and within minutes of several popular Houston restaurants.

Our historic boutique Magnolia Hotel Houston effortlessly combines Old World charm with the finest of modern amenities in a convenient location. Contact us today to book your stay at Magnolia Hotel Houston.