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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Denver

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Denver

Before the infamous Pike’s Peak Gold Rush of early 1859, there were few souls living in the Denver Metro area except for prospectors & traveling groups of Native Americans. The gold mining boom combined with the arrival of railroads morphed Denver into a city of 100,000+ people within 40 years. During this time, Denverites built museums & elegant turn-of-the-century homes. To this day, Lower Downtown (“LoDo”), a historic district just blocks from Magnolia, has the highest concentration of Victorian buildings in the country. The city’s story is colorful! Nearly 3 million people now call the Denver Metro Area home. Interested in a visit? Here are 5 things you should know about Denver:

We aren’t in the mountains – we are near them. Contrary to popular belief, Denver isn’t smack dab in the middle of the mountains. Instead, the Rocky Mountains serve as a spectacular playground in our backyard. At 5,280 ft., Denver sits on high rolling plains about 12 miles east of a series of mountains that gently climb to 11,000 ft. (aka “the foothills”). The mountain panorama view from Denver is a whopping 140 miles long. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, especially on a clear day.

Denver has a fantastic downtown & Magnolia is right in the middle of it! Our downtown is extremely walkable. Within a one-mile radius, you can find multiple sports stadiums, a large performing arts complex, various art & history museums, the country’s only downtown amusement park (still here for now), an aquarium, a mint…the list goes on. The 16th Street Mall is a pedestrian-friendly mile long street with a variety of entertainment & shopping options. Downtown’s easy accessibility is just one more reason to stay with us at Magnolia when you visit!

Home of the cheeseburger. At least three different cities claim to be the birthplace of the cheeseburger. Denver knows that Louis E. Ballast, the owner of the city’s Humpty Dumpty Restaurant, is the true inventor of the classic sandwich. Louis trademarked the cheeseburger in 1935 (and there is a court order to prove it!) According to The Denver Post, Louis first tried to revolutionize burgers by sweetening them with peanut butter & Hershey’s. This didn’t take off, so he gave American cheese a try instead since he & his wife already had it on hand at the restaurant. The rest is history.

We brew beer. We love beer. This is probably not a total shocker if you have any affection for beer (ever had a Coors Light?) Someone recently told us that Denver’s first building was a saloon, so it all makes sense. On any given day in the Denver Metro area, several hundred beers are brewed at 150 breweries, many of which are downtown. Great Divide (a pioneer of Denver’s beer scene since ‘94), Jagged Mountain, and Woods Boss Brewing are just a few tasty options within walking distance from Magnolia.

300 days of sunshine a year: truth or urban myth? Well, according to the Colorado Climate Center at CSU, the problem with this claim is that there is no official definition for “days of sunshine” (does 1 hour of sunshine per day count as a ‘day of sunshine’?) Really the whole theory is always up for debate. But we do get more annual hours of sun than Miami Beach! Golf is a summer, fall, winter, & spring sport. And we’re dryer than Phoenix during the winter. So those count for something & everyone wears sunglasses year-round.

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