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Stay Warm This Winter: Our Favorite Hot Springs Destinations

Stay Warm This Winter: Our Favorite Hot Springs Destinations

Winter’s chill has officially arrived here in Denver! Locals are prepping for ski season, digging their snowshoes out of storage, and excitedly planning cozy getaways with friends and family. What’s likely included on their vacation itinerary? A hot springs visit – because nothing beats hot, naturally healing water after a full day of mountain play! The nearby Rocky Mountains are bursting with these natural sanctuaries and you, too, should plan a visit to one. We’re happy to share a few of our favorites, each just a drive away from the heart of Downtown Denver. Stay with us at the Magnolia, then hit the road bright & early to explore.

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Located in Nathrop, CO (between the towns of Buena Vista and Salida), this hot springs is a 2.5-hour drive from Denver and is perfect for either a family day trip or for a romantic couples’ adventure. The hot springs waters are 100% natural and bubble out of the ground at 120 degrees. Those who opt to spend the night receive complimentary access to the springs, but day passes are also available and very popular. Mt. Princeton’s resort features a Spa & Club and yoga classes. Treat yourself!

Hot Sulphur Springs

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort has been in operation for 140 (!) years. Seven natural springs have bubbled constantly for hundreds of years with temperatures between 104 and 126 degrees. 200,000 gallons of natural, unfiltered water make their way through 21 mineral pools every day. For a completely relaxing and therapeutic experience, don’t forget to enjoy a massage or body wrap while you’re there. This hot springs is about two hours from Downtown Denver.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

About three hours from Denver, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is just outside of Steamboat Springs, CO and nestled along Hot Springs Creek. The 104-degree mineral water pools are perfect to relax in after a long day in the mountains. A team of massage & Watsu therapists are available daily (what is Watsu you might ask? It is a gentle, warm water massage given in a private pool. The client’s head remains above water, but the ears are submerged so the recipient can hear their heartbeat and breathing. All accounts say it is a transformative, calming experience. Time to try it out!) The pure natural beauty of these hot springs blended with the stone masonry of the mineral pools is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Well worth the drive.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Want to relax in the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs Pool? Glenwood is for you! Since 1888, the infamous pool has been drawing visitors from all over the world. The temperature is kept at a comfortable 93ish degrees, while a smaller mineral pool is 104 degrees. The resort here includes a lodge, spa, athletic club – even a grill & shopping. About 2.5 hours from Denver, Glenwood Hot Springs is considered an ultimate Colorado destination.