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Upcoming Concerts in Dallas

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For decades, Dallas has attracted the top musical acts and performers. It seems that the people who live in Dallas always have tickets to an upcoming show, and there are even more people willing to travel great distances in order to access the entertainers who are playing in Dallas.

At Magnolia Hotel Dallas Downtown, we provide concert-goers with a comfortable, convenient and luxurious place to stay when they are in town for their favorite singer or rock band. Here are a few of the upcoming concerts in Dallas:

Thomas Rett

Thomas Rett will be performing in Dallas on June 28 at the Dos Equis Pavilion. Thomas Rett is an American country singer and songwriter who has spent much of the last decade releasing hit songs for his adoring fans. He has released three records since 2013 and has long had a huge fan base in Dallas. This show is expected to be in high demand, so those who are interested should purchase tickets soon.

Santana and the Doobie Brothers

Santana will be performing in Dallas on July 6 at the Dos Equis Pavilion. This classic rock band that has a unique Latin fusion feel will also be joined by the Doobie Brothers for the show. For decades, Santana has captivated rock audiences, and he has no intention to slow down anytime soon. His show in Dallas is expected to be the must-see event of the Fourth of July weekend, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to get tickets.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes will be bringing his pop hits to Dallas on July 22 at the American Airlines Center. Shawn Mendes rose to popularity by sharing his music on the Vine platform and is now an international pop star who is beloved by millions. There’s a lot of anticipation about this show, so get your tickets now.

If you have tickets to one of these upcoming Dallas concerts, then now is the time to book your room at Magnolia Hotel Dallas Downtown. Our sleek and sophisticated hotel is the perfect complement to the incredible show that you are going to see.

For more information about our hotel and about how we can improve your concert experience in town, contact us today.