5 Unique Burgers in Dallas

Burger with cheese, tomato, and onion

Hamburgers are the quintessential American food. They are the heart of the family barbecue, the must-have item at picnics and one of the only meals a picky child will eat.

Drive nearly anywhere in Dallas and you’ll find a burger joint within a mile radius. Not every meat patty is created equal, though. We scoured the city to find five burgers that were not only tasty, but unique in taste or presentation.

Keep it Simple: Cheeseburger at Maple & Motor

This counter-serve diner isn’t the kind of place you’ll find gourmet burgers smothered with a bazillion toppings. As Food Network star Guy Fieri pointed out, the flame-kissed beef patties here are awesome because, well… that’s pretty much all M&M offers. Add jalapeños or bacon, if you’re so inclined.

Healthful Eats: Turkey Burger at Magnolia Dallas Downtown

Low-cal and low-fat usually equal low taste. Not so at The Lounge, which offers a turkey burger jazzed up with spicy Sriracha. The juicy patty is further elevated with avocado and pickled cucumber slaw. Tip: Skip the fries and opt for the Magnolia side salad with arugula, boiled egg, olives, asiago cheese and prosciutto.

Go Local: Terlingua Burger at Rodeo Goat

Two words: Brisket chili. You can’t get any more authentically Texan than Rodeo Goat’s chili-slathered monster, which also features delicate Havarti cheese, corn chips and garlicky mayo. Pair with a side of Texas caviar – aka black-eyed peas, for y’all Northerners – for the ultimate Lone Star State meal.

Totally Refined: Dry-Aged Burger at Neighborhood Services

It’s all in the name. Neighborhood Services’ beef is especially flavorful thanks to a dry-aging process that imparts a potent tang. The aging process essentially breaks down the fat in the beef, leaving behind a tender protein that’s more pleasing to the palate.

The Trendsetter: Primetime at Hopdoddy Burger Bar

The $12 price tag of this burger belies its “Kobe beef” tag. Hopdoddy’s Kobe may be all-American, but it’s still delicious – especially when topped with a nose-in-the-air combo of brie, arugula and truffle aioli. The good news? The Texas-based chain recently sprawled into other major cities. If you don’t have one yet, your hometown could be next!

According to recent Zagat surveys, Americans eat an average of 4.3 burgers per month. The majority like their beef cooked medium-rare, with ketchup as the favored condiment. Whether you prefer your burgers mooing or like shoe leather, Plain Jane or crammed with a dozen toppings, there’s a patty calling your name somewhere in Dallas.